ANTF's Formerly Longest Running OS

  • Built For ANTF Members & Now Personal Users
  • Built In Dashboards & ConnectCenters
  • Built In app Ecosystem
  • Comes With ANTF RocketBrowser, Office Capability, Supports Microsoft & Libre Office, Skype, Cloud Sharing
  • Supports Native Windows Protocols & Applications¬†
  • Features Dual Work Enviroment (Run Windows/At Same Time)
  • Easy To Use Navigation
  • No Partitioning Required
  • Small Disk Footprint
  • Customizable
  • Built For Most Machines
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & touch screen machines/Tablets
  • Digital Sound & Graphics
  • Emergency Bios/Repair Tools
  • Fast Boot Time
  • Little Resources Used
  • Features 3rd Part Infra Recorder, Cupid Specs, and Others
  • Easy Troubleshooting & Extensive Support

    100% Free For (non-commercial use and/Clan use)

In Case You Were Wondering? Before a revamp, OpenOS was bloated and required many install files, since then we have re-programed it to be lighter and easier. Just install these two, one after the other and that's it :) (OSI will eventually be condensed like this).

Download The Base Kernel (Download/Step 1)

Download The Runtime Kernel (Download/Step 2)

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